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What is ESS in HR Software? - Beehive HRMS & Payroll

What is ESS in HR Software?

In the race of business, cloud-based technology is a gift for organizations’ complex processes. ESS or Employee Self Service in HR is one of them as it eliminates additional verbal communications, saves HR managers’ and employees’ time, easy to adopt, and a perfect tool every organization strives for.

What is ESS?

ESS or Employee Self Service in HR is a simple conception where it provides a cloud-based framework or software that acts as a unified connection point for all employees in an organization. It gives access to their own payroll, process leave, any changes in their personal information like address, family members, etc. It is a path through which employees can easily access HR-related information and documents. This path is known as ESS Portal (Employee Self Service Portal).

How does it work?

Each employee has their own credentials to log in to the self-service portal. It can be available on both web and mobile application. The tool smoothly facilitates common tasks, including;

  • Updating personal information
  • Accessing employee handbooks
  • Downloading pay stubs
  • Requesting time off
  • logging vacation and personal days
  • Enrolling in benefits

Employee Self Service portals also allow individuals to manage their insurance plans and other benefits. ESS portals work by combining interactive web applications with searchable knowledge databases to deliver a full suite of features.

Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS) portal in HR

Human Resources continuously strive for automation in their complex process to improve accuracy and efficiency including reducing manual work, paper-based tasks, streamlining employee data, and managing the entire payroll. Employee Self Service portal is a cloud-based technology that allows employees to access and make necessary changes to their HR and Payroll information.

Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of ESS;

Cost reduction: ESS helps HR managers and organizations cut a lot of costs. Many organizations have switched to cloud-based methods to store employee data. They look at it to move towards a paperless office. An ESS reduces cost administrative duties by organizing all of your employees, training, and hiring information into one unified hub. With the implementation of the Employee Self Service Portal, all the time invested in accessing and updating employee data can be eliminated which ultimately adds more time to employee development strategies and saving money on workforce-related expenses.

Time-saving: The mundane and burdensome tasks of Human resource drains a lot of time and energy of management. Right capitalization of working hours is very important to achieve efficiency and productivity in business. Employee Self Service portal lets your HR team spend time wisely and on better tasks that add actual value. On the other side, employees do not have to waste time waiting for someone to research and provide them with the documents they need. ESS allows organizations to upload key information about compensation, policies, and benefits quickly to the system and distribute it to the entire workforce automatically.

Data and information accuracy: When HR processes are handled manually, a lot of crucial data and information can be lost. An HRMS with Employee Self Service (ESS) module helps to keep data systematically and eliminate the duplicity of data entry. When employees update their own information including important documents, it reduces middlemen intervention and thus gives accuracy in results. ESS also gives employees one source for all company information, such as handbooks, policies, and announcements, cutting down on confusion and miscommunication.

Increase in employee autonomy: ESS empowers employees to take control of their own information. Employees have a positive feeling of control and they feel engaged when they know they are responsible for their data addition in their profiles. The portal can also be personalized depending upon the employee’s designation. When an organization gives employees the ability to access and update their own data, not only does this save a lot of time and money for the company, employees feel trusted and become self-accountable.

Employee efficiency and tracking: With ESS, employees can easily apply for leaves, review their work, and self-assess their performance rather than approaching managers for every task. ESS is an efficiency-increasing tool for both employees and managers. It also allows managers to keep track of employees’ leave, attendance, tasks, day-offs, and other details automatically.

Efficient communication: ESS portals in HRMS are a great way of employee engagement and enhancing communication between employees and managers. In a case where a company has multiple branches, communication becomes a hassle and ESS takes care of that. In the case of a transfer, it becomes easier to move their details to the new office’s ESS portal database. It becomes easier to track an employee’s progress from anywhere and any device just in few clicks.

Compliance Reporting: Government laws and regulations such as EEO, FMLA, and OSHA require significant reporting requirements. An HRMS with ESS helps reduce mistakes and avoid penalties, fines, and potential lawsuits. Many systems also track and automate reports in the proper format as well as provide regular legislative updates.

HR Software in Mumbai

Beehive HR software with Employee Self Service Portal is a perfect combination that includes all the features need in the HR process, few of them are listed below;

Online Payslips: The Beehive Employee Self Service (ESS) allows employees to access and print payslips at any time. The ESS portal displays payslips for all time, so the employees can select the past month’s payslips. This saves time compared to manually printing and handing over hard copies of payslips to employees.

Leave Application and Approval: Beehive Employee Self Service allows employees to apply for leaves from the mobile application and the web. It’s as easy as using Whatsapp! Employees and Managers can access the ESS from anywhere, even when they are at home.

Online Punching: Online Punching in Beehive ESS enables employees to mark attendance even when they are traveling. Employees can Check In & Check Out with GPS location. This allows managers to track employee travel paths.

Attendance Regularization: The attendance Regularization feature in Beehive ESS enables employees to correct their attendance. Employees can view their attendance and if any changes are required, they can raise a request on ESS.

HR Documents online: Beehive Employee Self-Service portal allows management to upload policy documents that can be accessed by the employees from anywhere. This makes it easy to publish company policy updates for employees.

Employee Documents: Employees can upload their documents on the Beehive ESS Portal which can be accessed by HR users. This makes it easy for HR Users to keep all the employee documents systematically.


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