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Are you Ready for Work From Home & Remote working

Work from Home is great! Isn’t it? You get all the flexibility you need until your Mom video bombs your client meeting in a phenomenal way. Covid-19 has made remote working a necessity instead of an option for many organizations. Businesses have started getting more productive results than ever and are saving on infrastructural and travelling expenses.

Whether you work from home or office, distractions are common. During work from the office, your colleagues might invite you for a short break, a walk, or an office gossip to discuss, and at home, you easily get all the attention while you work. Office distractions are easy to avoid as everybody is bound for their tasks. While working from home, it gets difficult. However, by staying disciplined and focused, you can win all the obstructions while working in your own space.

    • Prepare a home office space: The first step towards achieving productivity while working from home is to designate a space to work. Regardless of space or location, it should be well equipped with all the necessary stuff you need while working such as a notebook, sticky notes, pen, mouse pad, headphone, documents, etc. You just need a small space which will be your home office. While you are in your home office, you will focus on work and it will keep you away from normal daily life distractions like television, family members talking about interesting stuff, neighbors coming in, or anything.
    • Invest in good quality internet connection: Setting up a home office or workspace may require a small investment such as a high-performance internet router that will save you from many hassles. You cannot stay dependent on your mobile network as it’s your everyday job and that will need video calls, long team meetings, client meetings, etc.
    • Make a schedule: Remember we used to have classes for every subject at a defined time every week. Human minds perform better when given an outline to work. Your everyday schedule will be your outline. Make a schedule that includes every activity even if it is small. If you have to prepare a document that is not part of your daily activities, dedicate time to that and follow your schedule. Do not forget to define a finishing time. You are not supposed to work overtime during work from home. There are several free mobile apps available to make your everyday efficient like Evernote.
    • Communicate expectations to your family members or who stays with you: While you work from home, your family members might think you are available. Communicate clearly to them about your work priorities and ask them to respect your space while you work. Ask them to think you are in the office while you work. If there is another work from home adult with you, you may have to set some rules about meetings, spaces, and stuff that might disturb each other.
    • Have meals on time: Do not misunderstand the saying that work from home balances work and personal life. It only works when you follow certain disciplinary actions. Often employees while working from home rush toward the kitchen to pick snacks. Off-time munching might affect your health and leave you lethargic. Have your meals on time. Remember, 80% of the time you are not hungry when you eat snacks, rather you are bored. Thus, make your schedule wisely so you enjoy your work.
  • Follow 90:15 rule: There are several hacks discovered by successful people of staying productive whether you work from home or anywhere. Make your own rule. 90:15 rule helps you to stay focused and complete all your tasks. In this rule, you work straight for 90 minutes and take a small break of 15 minutes after every slot. This way you will never miss your tasks and you will stay focused.
  • Stay connected to your team: Working from remote locations can affect daily discussions with colleagues. While everyone works in their own spaces, they forget to update and get updates verbally. It’s better to have a daily casual call with your team members who share the same tasks with you. Do not wait for just team meetings, stay connected with concerned people. Everyone works differently, from your teammates to your managers. Therefore, sharing information and getting everyone on the same page is often difficult.
  • Take care of your health: Your office starts at 10 doesn’t mean you wake up at 10. Several factors might affect your health badly while working from home. To avoid negative impacts on health in long run, adopt some basic good habits; 
    • Early to bed, early to rise: Wake up at least 3 hours before starting work, give yourself some time to gather your thoughts, give time to everything you do, don’t rush towards the laptop directly after waking up. Have a healthy breakfast, meditate for a while, take shower, get ready in your comfortable clothes, read the news, spend morning routine with family and then start your day. 
    • Do not use your phone at least half an hour after waking up: It’s good to have some plants in the window so you spend your morning with green friends rather than scrolling Instagram. 
    • Keep healthy snacks in your kitchen: You don’t want to end up having unhealthy snacks so stuff your kitchen pantry with healthy snacks and dry fruits. 
    • Take a power nap: It obvious to get tired if you wake up early so take a quick power nap. Remember a power nap means 15-20 minutes of rest and not a good sleep or else it will make you lethargic and your tasks will remain undone. 


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