Timesheet Management

Get all your projects organized and aligned with your company success

Timesheet is a proven way to capture the details on the employee activity or time and effort investment across the different projects. Beehive offers a comprehensive timesheet management module which ensure the tracking of the projects, tasks, time invested, direct and indirect cost and ultimately overall tools that determines the profitability of the projects.

Why It’s Important

Beehive offers extremely user friendly timesheet entry options enabling employees to submit their task and project updates with almost no efforts.

Employees can submit their time invested in each task they worked along with evidence based reporting and document upload facility

Projects and executions are directly linked with business and Beehive timesheet can be linked with Business system to fetch the required operations data in the timesheets.

Employees and managers can use the system easily for their level of transactions such as timesheet submission and approval using the web based platform.

Key Highlights

Resource Management:

Benchmarking the resource cost and align a team is one of the important activity while setting up the project team, Beehive supports and share the complete insights on the same while creating a project team and assigning a resources.

Knowing Project Profitability:

System helps capture the direct and indirect cost of the resources working so companies can easily generate the reports and compare the project cost and the overall profitability


Business can simply grow if the right data is getting generated at right time. Beehive offers a limitless flexibility to have a integration with Business software which enables a proper data syncing on employees task and project they are working on.

Our Benefits

Project Master

Create unlimited projects and sub-projects with the master definitions and track the completion with the standard reports. Capture the budgeted and actual project completion dates for the betterment of the project reporting and other analysis.

Activity Tracking

Track the completion and status of scheduled/defined activity of the project and task with the easy workflow of timesheet submission. The project team can see the scheduled / ad-hoc tasks on their portal and they can add the progress and efforts.


Multiple teams and project managers can collaboratively work on the projects and tasks by easy sharing and allocation functionality with roles and responsibility. This will help the organization to execute bigger projects smoothly

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Our Customers

Success Story Across Industries

We have been associated with Beehive and team for more than a year now, their continual development over the product and services, support and action on raised queries makes them unique in the market. I am sure they will come up with more creative work and looking forward to founding them as the only choice of consumers. I wish them all the very best!!!


We have been associated with the Beehive team for the past 3 years.  The team is highly professional and proactive. The feedback shared is considered at  utmost priority and response is highly appreciated. Anytime and Anywhere. They have been working on the product consistently considering the best practices in the industry which will help every stakeholder. We are happy to associate with the Beehive team.


Ever since we’ve started using Beehive software for our employees, we found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a HR solution. For organization that aspire for a paperless office, I feel the use of Beehive will be a great advantage.