Task Management

Empower Collaboration and Enhance Productivity, Get Everyone connected to a unified tool to collaborate, perform, and achieve

New Normal is referred as dynamic but structured, so managing people, performance and productivity must be connected in a single platform and that’s where Beehive’s productivity management offering would help organizations in managing it very efficiently and transparently. Have you ever wondered how you can get actual insights on the daily routine work and how you can arrive at the smart ready report and dashboard which tells you about employee productivity and their work pattern , the answer is very simple you can get the entire insight with Beehive’s Task Management offering.

Why It’s Important

System offering enables you to know the detailed task view on who is doing what and what is the status of the assigned activities along with intelligent notifications and reminders

Team leaders can identify the time investment of their teams inorder to make them productive and assign the work which really matters to their performance and productivity

It is designed in a way that all departments can share their task and work collaboratively so that overall result of company getting achieved without any hassle

Each department can have their own workplace to update, share, ask for the help on the assigned work, managers can keep a track on the different workplaces

User level dashboards enabling employees and managers to get the summary information which of their use and help them know the status of individual as well as group task

Key Highlights

Link Performance & Productivity:

Every employee’s routine task can be monitored in a systematic way and getting linked with the performance and their KRA’s, thus system insuring that each employees performance appraisal can be done based upon the actual facts and not on the assumptions. 

Intelligent Reminders:

Managers often missed to review the status of their team task, to overcome this challenge system offers tools which creates a reports and remind managers to review the employee task and close.

Enhanced Transparency:

Every individual productivity and performance is getting aligned in the system-based workflow and thus transparency on job roles, clarity on task and motivation of the employees during collaborated work environment is always boosted.

Our Benefits

Power up Teams

Allow your teams to work in a collaborated way even if they are working from home, office or anywhere. Beehive offers a simplest task management tool to power up teams to work more effectively and be productive always.

Productivity Platform

Team and Managers should be in-line with their communication on the assigned task and projects, Beehive Tasks facilitate Managers to define the task details and assign it within the teams with all details. And can have a complete detail on the status and reports would enable them to visualize the timelines.

Automation and Workflow

Beehive tasks allows you to create workflow and steps which is right for your organization or your teams. With the right amount of automation your team feels good when they are being utilized for the core competencies of them rather than having unproductive time investment in manual reporting’s. All your tasks / feedback and assignment would go through systematic workflow and create happy working culture.

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Our Customers

Success Story Across Industries

We have been associated with Beehive and team for more than a year now, their continual development over the product and services, support and action on raised queries makes them unique in the market. I am sure they will come up with more creative work and looking forward to founding them as the only choice of consumers. I wish them all the very best!!!


We have been associated with the Beehive team for the past 3 years.  The team is highly professional and proactive. The feedback shared is considered at  utmost priority and response is highly appreciated. Anytime and Anywhere. They have been working on the product consistently considering the best practices in the industry which will help every stakeholder. We are happy to associate with the Beehive team.


Ever since we’ve started using Beehive software for our employees, we found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a HR solution. For organization that aspire for a paperless office, I feel the use of Beehive will be a great advantage.