Surveys & Polls

Surveys & Polls

Know your employee’s perspective with few clicks

2.Define next level employee engagement and communication process by building professional Surveys & Polls and collect their feedback to identify company’s current strength and opportunities to improve and making them into smarter yet quicker business decisions.

Why It’s Important

Get more accurate data

collect the right data and make better business decisions with lesser time spent.

Real time results

Get the results for your surveys, feedback forms and polls instantly, in the real time and share them with management as a business case.

Survey / Poll distribution

Identify the right audience / participants among which the survey will be distributed for precise output.

Data evaluation

perform critical analysis of results by producing dynamic and flexible reports in different formats.

Dashboard view

separate widgets for surveys and polls to design the forms as per the requirement – open ended or close ended.

Key Highlights

Easy to Create :

Create ad-hoc surveys within minutes using drag-and-drop user interface.

Effective employee engagement:

Measure employees’ commitment, motivation, sense of purpose and passion for their work and organization.

Integrated Analysis:

Avail features that allow insightful data analysis and illustration of open-ended comments. Also, understand trends and employee behaviors.


Our Benefits

Customizable Workflow

Beehive offers the option of designing survey form or Polls form in the easiest possible manner. With the drag and drop feature, you can simply add checkboxes, radio buttons, text box and create the survey forms in no time. Also, various configurations are available.

  • Multiple objectives creation
  • Star rating and Text box option
  • Conducting Surveys / Polls on Email
  • Multiple feedback option

Conducting Surveys / Polls:

Flexibility to release the forms to all employees or selective employees as required by using the org filters along with defining the timelines of sending the responses making sure that right data is received to make right decisions.

  • Org level filters for picking & choosing employees.
  • Centralized lists of all the surveys / Polls created.
  • Two separate tabs on dashboard Surveys & Polls
  • Email based reminders.

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Our Customers

Success Story Across Industries

We have been associated with Beehive and team for more than a year now, their continual development over the product and services, support and action on raised queries makes them unique in the market. I am sure they will come up with more creative work and looking forward to founding them as the only choice of consumers. I wish them all the very best!!!


We have been associated with the Beehive team for the past 3 years.  The team is highly professional and proactive. The feedback shared is considered at  utmost priority and response is highly appreciated. Anytime and Anywhere. They have been working on the product consistently considering the best practices in the industry which will help every stakeholder. We are happy to associate with the Beehive team.


Ever since we’ve started using Beehive software for our employees, we found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a HR solution. For organization that aspire for a paperless office, I feel the use of Beehive will be a great advantage.