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Beehive Payroll Management Software

Equip your HR and Payroll with our Beehive HRMS Software to achieve best efficiency in your business and simplify HR management, payroll.

Various HR and Payroll functions like employee database management, attendance management, leave management, payroll management and more can be efficiently managed with Beehive HRMS Application.

Moreover, by offering employee self-service (ESS) we help you to effectively manage the compliance and various performance indicators of each employee.

Key Features of Beehive HRMS & Payroll

HRMS & Payroll with Artificial Intelligence for the new-age organizations

Recruitment Management

From application tracking to onboarding, complete recruitment managment system under single application.

Employee Records Management

Centralised HR information management with 200+ masters field, document upload & intelligent alters & notifications

Digital Onboarding (New Feature)

Digital onboarding allows you to complete onboarding process by uploading all documents in HRMS and create emploree ID

Leave Management

Leave policy and approval management, roster management, configurable leaves, shift management etc.

Attendance Management

Manage attendance of every employee with multiple attendance inputs. (Biometric, IP based and Geo-location)

Employee Performance Management

Track and evaluate various KPI’s, time, leave and analyse performancce on timely basis. 

Smart Payroll Management

Automated and smart payroll processing with statutory compliance with multiple advanced features

Employee Helpdesk

Intitive and powerful employee helpdesk and employee dashboard with employee self service portal.

E - Separation

Manages employee separation process from resignation entry and acceptance letter issuance, exit interview


Timesheet feature allows you to manage time spent by employee on a project or task/subtask. 

Travel/ Claim Management

end-to-end travel & expenses management solution, right from travel request to reimbursement settlements.

Task Management

Enhance employee productivity and improve workflow efficiency with powerful task management.

Goal Setting

Align company’s objectives to team and individual goals. Set and track goals using Beehive HRMS.

Survey & Polls (New)

gather regular feedback from employees on relevant topics and get intelligent actionable insights for decision making.

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