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Grievance Management

Address your employee queries with ease

Engage your employees to next level by providing them the platform to raise their queries / issues on the Beehive’s grievance management platform. It offers a complete workflow based grievance handling OR helpdesk function wherein all support functions can collaborate and provide closure on the employee queries.

Why It’s Important

Know the details on the employee queries whether it is a routine IT support or a major behavioral complaint against someone, you can create a dedicated committees for quick addressal of the same

Target timelines and SLA’s can be defined for each grievance or helpdesk category; thus employees are getting timely response on their queries and concerns are getting escalated to next level based upon the action taken.

A complete assessment on the concern raised by employee and reassignment process within the support function is a few click process; thus employee queries are handled by a dedicated experts whenever it is to be acted upon.

Employee can give their feedback on the resolution so quality of the resolution can be also tracked along with the resolution of the queries and timelines associated with the same.

Key Highlights

Improved Employee Satisfaction:

Happy employee is the key to business success, Beehive providing a dedicated platform where employees can report their concerns and the same is taken care through a dedicated channel, this would help in gaining the employee confidence on the process.

Confidentiality on the Concerns:

If employee wish to keep the confidentiality on the concern it can be routed through a dirrent workflow and the confidentiality and secrecy of the concerns can be maintained within the support function or helpdesk based upon the criticality of the queries.

Reporting and Analytics:

Get the patterns of the employee queries and supporting SLA adherence and analyze the data to engineer or re-engineer your company SOP’s or business workflows.

Our Benefits

Grievance categories

Proper Grievance handling is a key of employee engagement, with Beehive you can create/define multiple categories of the grievance and the stakeholders/process owners to work on the same respectively. This will result in a more transparent and caring environment for employees and they will be more engaged with the vision.

Platform to raise voice

If any employee is facing any kind of issue with working environment/resources/infrastructures / behavioral challenges etc.. they can raise a grievance ticket and based upon defined workflow and TAT it will get resolved/escalated to next level for the detailed investigation and closure on the grievance.


Each grievance type based upon the severity/category can be defined as a separate workflow and this may include a panel / multiple stakeholder OR a dedicated department. You can define the reporting levels and periodic escalation matrix to ensure your employee’s grievances are getting addressed by the defined TAT.

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Our Customers

Success Story Across Industries

We have been associated with Beehive and team for more than a year now, their continual development over the product and services, support and action on raised queries makes them unique in the market. I am sure they will come up with more creative work and looking forward to founding them as the only choice of consumers. I wish them all the very best!!!


We have been associated with the Beehive team for the past 3 years.  The team is highly professional and proactive. The feedback shared is considered at  utmost priority and response is highly appreciated. Anytime and Anywhere. They have been working on the product consistently considering the best practices in the industry which will help every stakeholder. We are happy to associate with the Beehive team.


Ever since we’ve started using Beehive software for our employees, we found it to be even more useful than expected and it has the best applications required for a HR solution. For organization that aspire for a paperless office, I feel the use of Beehive will be a great advantage.


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