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7 Reasons to use Cloud HR Software - Beehive HRMS & Payroll

7 Reasons to use Cloud HR Software

The Human Resource department manages enormous tasks such as recruiting, training, employee management, data management, onboarding, etc. In the current era, HR is no longer confined to only the back office and contributes towards the actual growth of an organization. Thanks to technology, the business has changed in many ways and digital frameworks have made operations easier and cost-effective. 

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Cloud-based technology has acquired the market and HR has now transformed into a tech-savvy division that takes full advantage of cloud-based HR solutions these days to manage complex HR tasks smoothly. HR professionals now have the tools to reduce and simplify administrative tasks like payroll and record keeping. With the use of such solutions, HR can focus on other important factors in an organization like employee engagement and development. 

What is cloud HR software?

Cloud-based HR systems help businesses to join data into one piece of software. It’s hosted on a server of a system provider and you can access it whenever and from any device. HR cloud systems allow you to skip on expensive software, which also often requires infrastructure and regular maintenance from IT experts.

Top 7 reasons why every organization must use cloud-based HR software 

  1. A centralized system for HR Management: In a cloud-based HR software, everything is updated in a unified location. Each user can log in using credentials and use the essential data and update from anywhere in the world. Because everything is on the cloud, nothing gets lost. Users and admins get the user-based role and despite data being at a unified location, everything is not visible to everyone. Every user gets to view only relevant information related to his/her profile.
  2. Real-Time, Accurate insights: One of the crucial functions of cloud HR software is to assess each employee’s performance and progress towards the defined goals. A manual process involves endless paperwork and a lot of time whereas, it is just a matter of few clicks in a cloud-based HR system. With cloud HR real-time data is gathered and accurate insights are provided in the form of automated reports. It is nearly impossible for a technical person to create such accurate reports as it involved built-in dashboards and analytics. Cloud HR solutions help the HR team put the right new systems in place or provide additional training in just a matter of hours.
  3. 24/7 Access to Pay and Benefit Information: Cloud HR software allows employees to access important information about their pay and benefits anytime, anywhere. They can easily see how much of their salary goes to taxes, and more. With the use of mobile applications, employees can also access HR systems in seconds using mobile phones. Cloud HR systems also make it easier for employees to change pay and benefit settings. An employee using a cloud HR system can set up direct deposit, change their health insurance, and more without help from an HR professional.
  4. Increase in employee engagement: Cloud HR systems utilize big data and mobile technology to engage employees. When an employee is engaged in the processes, he/she feels trusted and contributes more. HR teams have learned during the past decade that employee engagement is a crucial source of competitive advantage. Engagement drives high levels of employee motivation, customer satisfaction, knowledge sharing, interest from new applicants, business agility, and bottom-line profitability.
  5. Enhanced data security: Business leaders often encounter the question about data security while moving on to cloud HR system. The fact is that the security aspects of applications and data are much better taken care of by the cloud HR sofwtare vendor. The data is stored on remote locations and it also restricts both physical access and ID based access to data. The business has complete control over user accessibilities and modern security features that helps to keep unwanted visitors away from private information.
  6. Forecasting: BI (Business Intelligence) in HR systems can help with employee retention and promotion issues. By analyzing the data of the company, BI can predict which employees are at risk of becoming dissatisfied and proactively address the issue. Cloud HR systems can detect employee issues before they lead to someone quitting or losing productivity.
  7. Better compliance management: Keeping up to date with HR and employment laws is essential for a business. Cloud HR solutions make this easier by keeping HR up to date with the compliances so nothing gets missed. The process becomes automated and does not involve any human dependency to stay updated. 

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